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Current Carrier Updates

Aegis Financial will keep this webpage updated with any recent, important carrier changes to help you prepare for your week ahead, so you’ll know exactly which carriers to be mindful of. Only those carriers that have changes are listed. Any interest rate adjustments, product changes and even new state product approvals are included with links to receive complete details.

Annuity Carrier News

Effective 10/29/21
Americo rates are changing, effective October 29. Click here for new rates.

Effective 10/15/21
Symetra is slightly increasing the cap on the S&P500 PTP index. The increases are listed below. No other changes. New rates are effective 10/15.

Stride: S&P 500 PTP with cap: +25bps
Edge Plus: S&P 500 PTP with a cap: +25-75bps
Income Edge: S&P 500 PTP with a cap: +25bps

Effective 10/10/21
Symetra announced a rate change effective Friday, October 10th. Click here for Putnam Index rates. Click here for IMO Partner rates. Click here for JPMorgan Efficiente Index rates. Increases are for the Stride Fixed Indexed Annuity only.

Effective 10/12/21
NAC rates are decrease on VersaChoice 10 and Performance Choice 8. New rates will be effective for application received dates October 12th and later. To receive current interest rates, applications must be received in the Home Office by October 11th or submitted through e-App before October 12thREMINDER: rate lock only applies to first year rates (then rates will be set to the non-rate lock rates). Standard rate lock procedures apply. Click here for rate updates.

Effective 10/01/21
Writing agents earn up to 2.00% in additional commission!
● Earn up to 1.00% on the sale of Oxford Life’s Fixed Indexed Annuities
● Add the GLWB Rider and earn an additional 1.00%

Oxford rates are going up on all FIA and MYGA products, effective Oct. 1. Click here for details.

Life Carrier News

Announced 10/18/21
Product reprice and launch for Allianz.
Allianz Life Pro+ Advantage continues to be the #1 selling FIUL product in the insurance brokerage channel and we continue to make enhancements to make it even more competitive, including:

  • Product updates to meet IRC 7702 Guidelines
  • Rate increases
  • New digital resources including e-Signature and Ensight Illustration Marketing Stories
  • Updates to Allianz Showcase including:
    • 5-year age increments (previously, only 10-year increments were shown)
    • Level death benefit (option A)
    • Deferred loan option (age 60 only)
  • Launch of new split-dollar illustration module

Case studies, index material and rate watch are updated on the web as of 10/18/21. There were no updates to the base product material such as the consumer brochure or financial professional guide for this launch. Click here for details.

Effective 10/07/21
Starting October 7, 2021, we are increasing the face amount eligibility criteria for accelerated underwriting (AU) from $1M to $2M when using our industry-leading digital application. All other eligibility criteria will remain the same: Ages 20-50, up to $2 million, any term duration, Standard Plus, including Preferred Tobacco or better. Click here for details.