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Current Carrier Updates

Aegis Financial will keep this webpage updated with any recent, important carrier changes to help you prepare for your week ahead, so you’ll know exactly which carriers to be mindful of. Only those carriers that have changes are listed. Any interest rate adjustments, product changes and even new state product approvals are included with links to receive complete details.

Annuity Carrier News

Effective 04/16/2021
Great news! Rates are rising on select Athene products. These changes will be effective with a contract date on or after April 16, 2021. Please click here for the rate grids with current and new rates.

Effective 04/08/2021
Sagicor is increasing its MYGA 5-year guaranteed rates on April 8. See all MYGA Rates here.

Effective 04/01/2021
Interest rates increase effective April 2nd. Please Note: 45-Day Rate Lock (for rate decreases) does not apply to the Minimum Guaranteed Rates or to the Keystone Participation Rate Strategy. The Participation Rate Strategy is NOT rate locked and will be issued with the Participation Rate in effect on the buy/issue date after paperwork is in good order and premium(s) are received. Click here for details.


Effective 04/01/2021
Oxford is changing interest rates effective April 1st. Click here for details.

Effective 04/01/2021

The Pacific Life Index Dimensions rates are increasing effective April 1st. Click here for the new rates.

Effective 04/05/2021
Effective April 5th, Global Atlantic is changing rates on SecureFore 3 & 5 Fixed Annuities and ForeCare Fixed Annuity. Click here for Global rates.

Effective 03/19/2021
Effective March 19th, Athene is increasing the benefit base bonus on the Athene Agility series from 15% to 20%! Please click here for additional details.

Effective 03/16/2021

New rates are effective on 03/16. Symetra is increasing rates on the Edge Plus 7 (not the 5 yr) and Income Edge. There is no change to Stride and no change to fixed annuities.
Applications signed 03/16 and after will receive the new, higher rates. Click here to review all the updates.

Effective 03/15/2021

Lincoln has issued a rate change effective on 3/15 on Opti Blend 10.
$100K+ Premium Band:

  • 80 bps (Spread) on the 1 Year S&P 500 DRC Index
  • 80% (PAR) on the 1 Year Fidelity AIM Dividend Index
  • 4% Annual (Cap) S&P 500
  • 1.4% Fixed Account

Click here for combined rate sheets.


Life Carrier News

Effective 4/5/21
New term pricing effective April 5. New rates include a mix of decreases and increases. Changes to rates range across all term durations (10 – 40 years), with targeted improvements to the Preferred classes.

Effective 4/24/21

North American announced new minimum face amount requirements on universal life (UL) and indexed universal life (IUL) insurance products with applications signed April 24, 2021 or after. Click here to view changes.

Effective 4/12/21
Recent changes to Internal Revenue Code sections 7702 and 7702A have lowered the minimum interest rate assumptions used in calculating premium limits. This is good news as it increases the funding limits for policies to qualify as life insurance and allows for higher premiums relative to the specified amount before becoming a modified endowment contract (MEC). Starting April 12, 2021, the new rates will be applied to new business for the following products:

  • IUL products — Nationwide IUL Accumulator II 2020, Nationwide IUL Protector II 2020, Nationwide Survivorship IUL 2020, Nationwide YourLife IUL Accumulator-New York only, Nationwide YourLife IUL Protector-New York only
  • VUL products — Nationwide VUL Accumulator, Nationwide VUL Protector
  • Linked-benefit UL — Nationwide CareMatters® II and Nationwide YourLife CareMatters® (New York & California only)

The illustration software will be updated with the new 7702 and 7702A rates on April 9, 2021.