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We invest in your practice to help you run a more effective and efficient business.

As a member of our Aegis Financial family of clients, you’ll get one-on-one consultations with our team of experts, a dedicated creative team, and exclusive opportunities with our partners – all working together as an extension of your team.

Heather Schreiber, RICP®


As a member of Aegis Financial’s Team of Experts, Heather’s goal as a consultant is to help you build customized solutions for your clients by incorporating advanced planning strategies that meet your unique client needs in easy-to-understand and deliverable terms.

Heather’s Areas of Expertise:

Social Security Benefits
Tax Distribution Strategies
Gifting & Wealth Transfer
Estate Planning & Trusts
Qualified Plans

Meet Heather Schreiber

My role is to help you in those areas you don’t see day-to-day.


Meet Bill Broich

Ninety-two percent of all people conduct an internet search before considering any type of relationship or buying a product.

Bill Broich


As Aegis Financial’s trusted marketing partner, Bill Broich and his team offer exclusive options to make you extremely searchable on Google and to help you establish a rock-solid online reputation.

Bill’s Areas of Expertise:

Building Internet Reputation
Publishing Industry Articles
Press Releases
Online Credibility Strategies
Local News Syndication




At Aegis Financial Creative Services, our creative process begins with YOU! We meet you where you’re at. Our team consults with you to understand your business and help you assess your needs. Then, we get to work designing solutions around your goals, with tailored solutions designed to surround you with expansive layers of credibility.

Simply put, we help you tell your story so you can make stronger connections with others!


Producer Showcase Video

This video really helps me to break down walls with new clients.” -Dave S.


Book Publishing

Become an Amazon Bestseller

There is nothing on the planet that will give you more credibility in the eyes of your clients and prospects than writing your own book. You immediately become an authority and expert in whatever subject you’re talking about.

The greatest obstacle to becoming published is that most of us are not writers. Nor do we have the time, energy or know-how to do it.

We’ve eliminated all of that! Our exclusive process captures your thoughts, ideas and stories, without you having to write a single word. Then our publisher formats and organizes your material into a book – and you can become an Amazon #1 Bestseller if you wish!

Your book is the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal, and now it’s within your reach.


What Makes Our APEX Events So Successful?

Our industry is a little difficult at times…. providing support for [admin professionals] is something we find extremely important so that they can work together cohesively as a team.


Administrative Professionals Expo

Our highly-interactive and dynamic training academy is designed to enhance and develop key processes and proficiencies of administrative professionals who support their executives and office team. our goal is to partner with our clients and their staff as an extension of their office. This training academy will prepare your key office staff and assistants to:

Serve you more efficiently and effectively
Gain a better understanding of our business through carrier personnel interaction
Build relationships with our team (the people they're working with and talking to every day about your business)