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Welcome to Aegis Financial and thank you for the confidence you have placed in us to be a partner in your practice. We focus on building solid relationships with each of our new clients through one-on-one consultations with key team member in our client onboarding. It’s important to us to have the opportunity to get to know you, your team, and your goals. We hope you’ll experience the genuine sincerity that we all share in helping you discover solutions for every area of your business.

Meet Your Team

Ian Rivas, Regional VP Marketing & Sales

Ian serves much like a quarterback who has a full team behind him ready to support all of your business needs. He will help get you in front of new prospects, help you prepare for your appointments, choose the right product, and everything else in between.

Contact Ian Rivas: ian@aegisfinancial.com | 800.579.7923 ext. 528

Illustrations and Case Design

Product Training and Information

Marketing and Prospecting Solutions

Meet Your Team

Jen Rowan, New Business Team Lead

Jen is your main point of contact for all of your new business, start to finish. Every case. Every time. She consults with you (and your administrative staff) to best understand how to work with you in the most efficient way possible and best serve your new business needs.

Contact Jen Rowan: jennifer@aegisfinancial.com| 800.579.7923 ext. 519

New business check, flow, and review

Forms, Suitability Training, Case Follow up

Transfer company follow-through, Signature Guarantees

Meet Your Team

Lisa McLaughlin, Vice President of Client Relations

Lisa is your client journey navigator at Aegis Financial. She’ll walk you through the wealth of resources we provide and orient you on key people and partners you’ll be working with to help you build a successful practice. Have questions, but don’t know who to talk with? Give Lisa a call – she’s happy to help point you in the right direction!

Contact Lisa McLaughlin: lisa@aegisfinancial.com | 800.579.7923 ext. 517

Meet Your Team

Madelyn Price, Team Marketing Coordinator

Madelyn serves as your right-hand for all your marketing and creative
projects. Through one-on-one consultation with you, she will help
you put your best foot forward and will support you in the
development of your brand, website, and marketing collateral to help
you maximize your connection with prospects and clients.

Contact Madelyn Price: madelyn@aegisfinancial.com| 800.579.7923 ext. 532

Website design and maintenance

Branding and customization of company marketing collateral and educational client resources

Campaign coordination for marketing systems with Aegis Financial

Welcome to the team

Putting you at the center of all we do

Sales Associates

To ensure you have complete coverage if your Sales Consultant is unavailable or out of the office, the team’s sales associates will be happy to work with you.

Mike Dudley

Mike Dudley

Senior VP | Sales & Marketing

800.579.7923 ext. 531
Chad Kopser

Chad Kopser

Senior VP | Sales & Marketing

800.579.7923 ext. 522

Practice Support

You have a dedicated team of professionals on your team who will consult with you to provide solutions across additional key areas of your business.

Tevun Roth

Tevun Roth

New Business Assistant

800.579.7923 ext. 530
Scott Soares

Scott Soares

VP Life Sales

800.579.7923 ext. 533
Crystal Hayward

Crystal Hayward

LIFE New Business Team Lead

800.579.7923 ext. 534
Stephanie Clopton

Stephanie Clopton

LIFE New Business Team Lead

800.579.7923 ext. 534

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